Wholesale sterling silver jewelry from fashion jewelry distributors

To the jewelry shop owners who are looking for places to wholesale sterling jewelry, it’s really not a easy thing to get a good supplier. There are too many jewelry suppliers on the Internet. But if you keep following rules in mind when you wholesale jewelry from wholesale fashion jewelry distributors, you’ll save much time and money.

Wholesale jewelry China, wholesale jewelry products from the manufacturing bases. It’s much more convenient today to wholesale products from another country. If you ask people what’s the best place to wholesale jewelry, 8 from 10 people will tell you it is China. China is no doubt that the biggest manufacturing base of jewelry in the world. It’s not just because China has cheap labor, but also integration supply chain for fashion jewelry industry. It’s reported that nearly 80% of the fashion jewelry products are make in China, including many famous brand. So China is definitely the best source for wholesale fashion jewelry.

Wholesale fashion jewelry online, instead of go to China. The Internet has changed the world in many ways, including international trade. We don’t have to go to somewhere to do the searching and selecting work like the old days. You just need to find proper fashion jewelry wholesale supplier in front of your computer. And how to select and identity a fashion jewelry distributor is fit for your business? You should check their products line first, whether their products are up to date, many designs available, and what is their MOQ. Jewelry products is for fashion, no one will buy out of date jewelry products, so I assume that as a fashion jewelry shop owner, you already have certain ability of differentiate the up to date designs. What if you are a new one in this business? You can simply start with the suppliers’ new arrival products, they also have check the trends before they produce the jewelry products. Wholesale costume jewelry from these responsible manufacturers with bring many benefits.

So you would find some fashion jewelry suppliers looks pretty good,  some of them wholesale fashion jewelry by the dozen. How do we know the quality? which is quite critical. That’s simple, you can place a small order before you purchase bulky from them. This way we call it sample checking.  When these things are done, you will be happily have your own suppliers in China, get start your wholesale sterling silver earrings journey right now!

Where to buy discount diamond jewelry

Where to buy discount diamond jewelry


Different from fashion jewelry, it is not easy to buy diamond jewelry with discounts. Because trends in diamond jewelry do change fast, and the value of diamonds remain steady in a long time. But if you take some time to look for, there are still several ways that you can buy discount diamond jewelry.  I’m here to share some methods that how to buy and where to buy discount diamond jewelry, like diamond necklaces, diamond earrings and diamond rings. If your are  looking for discount diamond jewelry, don’t miss following tips and ideas on buying discount diamond engagement rings.

Buy discount diamond jewelry on new-open stores.  You can simply follow several famous brands’ twitter. They usually post their recent development on there. An keep your eyes on the new-open story news. Because you are likely can buy fabulous diamond jewelry with good discount prices. Also some discount diamonds and discount loose diamonds. Many famous diamond jewelry brands want people to know about their new stores, and promotions are the best way to achieve it. A friend of mine buy a discount diamond engagement rings with 60% off price, the same quality and service as other stores, can you believe that? But he did it!

Buy discount diamond jewelry on holiday promotions. Diamond jewelry prices fluctuate less than other commodities. Which means you can buy it for future using even you don’t have the demand right now. In my experience, buy discount diamond jewelry during thanksgiving and Christmas is a good idea. I mean, some day you’ll engage, then when you have the chance to buy discount diamond necklaces and discount diamond engagement rings, don’t loose the opportunities.

Buy discount diamond jewelry online. Comparing to local stores, famous brands’ online stores have more chance to get discount on buying diamond promise rings and diamond earrings. And many online store support customization. Don’t you want a unique diamond promise rings for your lover? Buy discount loose diamonds to customize a ring will be a great idea with affordable money.